Images of Our Destinations

Onuk Island

One of the 30 or so islands that make up Balabac in the southwestern portion of Palawan, Onus Island is a blissful escape with a profile that changes constantly, depending on the time of day and the rise and fall of the tides. The ever changing hues are the main draw. The sand and the water change color, shifting and evolving constantly, providing a dynamic visual treat throughout the day. Everything falls under the different shades of green, blue and yellow. Nothing is completely pure. Pretty much like life itself.

The South Sea Pearl

The South Sea Pearl, found only in the Philippine seas, is Nature’s blessing and bounty encapsulated in a diminutive orb. Yielding from a living organism, this inimitable gem is wrapped in golden hue, mirroring the luster of a bright sun and a million exquisite sunsets, its fire exuding from within. Round and endless, its shape is the very the embodiment of perfection. What can be a more fitting symbol of a people borne of the sun and fortified by the sea?

 Our narrative takes place far from the cities and modern conveniences, away from the reaches of the encroaching multitude. The South Sea Pearl grows not in a laboratory. It thrives in the wild; the sea, its natural habitat. The phenomenon occurs in the unspoiled, remote corner of Northern Palawan. There, the most extensive and diverse marine ecosystems in the entire globe can be found, where the waters abound with nourishing minerals and constituents, and the environs are devoid of contamination.

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