Snapshot: Child of Kalayaan Island

When he learns ABC’s and 123’s in school, he’s also learning about his home, their island and the vast seas that surround them. He sees the Chinese boats hundreds of meters off our shores. He knows the stories of our local fishermen who used to see giant clams deep beneath the waves and huge sea turtles nesting inland beside the beachfront.

Snapshot: Hands Series | Boatmaker of Sibutu

At the break of dawn, a new ark is launched into the clear blue waters off Bongao. She knows not the weight of cargo in her belly or the smell of fish freshly hauled from nets, and her boards taste the sea for the very first time. She will get to know that hands that soon command her hull, who will steer her past these islands into the open sea where a greater bounty awaits, men whose footprints will begin to mark her every flare and curve.