Just as our namesake winds shift seasons and cycles of life, adventure and exploration have always been at the forefront of change.



Stories from door to destination, of the travails of seeking the unknown, where despite the losses that litter the wayside venturing forth is always a victory. 


Uncharted or well-trodden, near or far, these are the places that we yearn for, that challenge our imagination and constitution, where we go to become lost or found.


Those who dare seek the boundaries and edges, fight for a cause to make a difference, and go beyond to rewrite the lines so that others may do the same.


When the visitor is fortunate, Torres del Paine shuns all modesty and volatility, flaunting her qualities grandly like an overbearing goddess. Glaciated peaks, grand spires, electric blue glaciers, and lush valleys are among her best features, each individually noteworthy. Considered as integral components of the whole however, the park’s appeal is enhanced a ten-fold. This is Torres del Paine—extraordinarily striking but unmistakably temperamental.



This is Onuk Island, one of the 30 or so islands that make up Balabac in the southwestern portion of Palawan, a blissful escape with a profile that changes constantly, depending on the time of day and the rise and fall of the tides. The ever changing hues are the main draw. The sand and the water change color, shifting and evolving constantly, providing a dynamic visual treat throughout the day.



Meet the master: Amwellando Semblang, Tomolok or Master Brasscaster.